New business address as of July 2011, please update ALL of your records.

6750 Jordan Run Road Chattanooga TN 37412

Cellular phone 423-240-4461 Also use for texting support. Country code 091
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 Work Tools for model 125AP.         Work Tools

  Cervical attachment for for ALL models.            Cervical

             Flatscreen touchscreen 17" monitor.                 Monitor       

              Upgrade for ALL models.                Upgrade
Includes Y2K compliant Computer P3, Flatscreen 17" Monitor, Printer, keyboard, cables and brackets. $5950 US dollars plus shipping.                          


Company Profile

Isokinetic International is dedicated to the kin com product and services of the physical therapy industry. We offer long term dedicated kin com product support, discounted pricing, international repair service, extended support hours, experienced factory technical support, on site training, and full service moving. We pride ourselves on after sales support. Bobby Spencer Hickman, President and CEO of Isokinetic International has over 24 years of experience in the isokinetic industry. Ten of those years derived from direct kin com factory product service, production and engineering departments.
1) Yes the kin com machine does perform concentric and eccentric types of tests.  2) Yes our machines have a standard warranty included with them.  3) Yes discounted parts, service, and training are available directly through us.  4) The kin com model 125AP, to the best of our knowledge, is the only auto positioning isokinetic machine.  5) Yes the kin com model 125AP does have an optional set of work tools.   6) Yes flatscreen touchscreen monitor technology is used for faster set ups.  7) Yes the kin com does have a gravity compensation mode of operation.  8) Software features such as Home Exercise, ROM, Report Writer came with some of the kin com machines.  9) Yes there is an optional dual channel EMG that will hook up to the kin coms computer.  10) Yes there is an optional Balance station that will hook up to the kin coms computer. 

  Near Chattanooga Tennessee.