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Falls and postural instability due to poor balance are major problems confronting both the elderly and those who sustain head and lower extremity trauma.

This easy to use system allows you to quantify the balance disorders that effect the elderly, victims of sports injuries, and head trauma patients, as well as children with cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy.

The systems "by the number" approach provides data for an accurate assessment and a base line for measurements of treatment efficacy.

The portable balance system gives you the ability to conduct on site objective assessments, comparative results, and in clinic effective treatments.

Adjustable foot plates pinpoint the mean center of balance by measuring the absolute force the patient bears on the ball and heal of each foot. The patient's limits of postural stability and deviation of postural sway from the center of balance are also established.

The foot plates adjust to the patient's foot size and allows testing in standard Romberg and tandem Romberg positions, as well as in single legged stance, kneeling or sitting positions. The ability to duplicate the patient's normal stance under a variety of conditions during evaluation and follow up's provides reliable initial data and more valid measurements of progress.

The system's visual feedback helps your patients understand their problem with letting the "see it".  It also motivates them to work towards recovery. By watching a target controlled by their movements, patients can immediately see the results of even the slightest changes in their stance.

The system is equipped with a series of rehabilitation games, and you may create your own training protocols to meet individual patient needs to facilitate treatment of conditions frequently seen in your practice. In either case, patient performance is documented for future comparison.

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