The Kin Com research option (purchased from Isokinetic International) allows a user to export the force, angle, speed, and EMG data from the Kin Com isokinetic dynamometer through a DB9-pin cable. This research option converts the digital signal from the Kin Com to an analog signal, which allows a user to collect these signals with a personal computer/laptop. The benefit of such a set-up is the ability to synchronize and combine the data with data from other sources (i.e. - EMG, electrogoniometers, etc.). However, for this data to be read in by a computer, the analog data must be converted back to a digital signal by the computer, thus the need for a data acquisition system.

 The following is the hardware required for an example data acquisition system:


Connector Box

Analog-to-Digital convertor/Data acquisition card for computer


-DB9 from Kin Com to connector box

-Cable from connector Box to computer

-Any other cables required to connect to other equipment/data sources

Once the computer is able to access the digitized data, custom software is required to read in the data and perform any processing that is needed. Several custom designed LabVIEW programs are currently available for both collection and analysis of Kin Com and EMG data, however any other equipment that needs to be interfaced with the programs can be accommodated.

The pricing for this hardware, software, and labor varies depending on the requirements of the user. Please contact Greg Gutierrez at for further information.