Question: What does Kin Com stand for?

Answer:  Kinetic Communicator


Question:  Does it perform eccentric AND concentric types of testing

Answer: YES it does, this is a very useful feature of muscle testing  using evaluation and training modes.


Question: What are the patient exercise capabilities of the machine?

Answer:  Isokinetic, Passive, Isotonic, Isometric, protocol and sequential.


Question: Is it possible to have someone come to our facility for onsite training?

Answer: YES, we are a direct contact for this.


Question: Is it true that your labor rates are about half priced compared to what we are used to?

Answer: YES, our labor rater are $55 per hour rather than what you may be used to of $110 or more.


Question: Do your company perform machine moving?

Answer: YES, we travel to your facility to disassemble, move, reassemble, and check it out afterwards.

What is Chattecx?

It was the name of a company that made the model of kin com machines such as KCII and KC3.



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