Click on the links below to see the details of the three kin com models of machines.


To order products below,  just call us at 800-344-4330, or 423-344-0407, or Cell 423-240-4461.


 Upgrade ALL models. Includes compatible Computer, Flatscreen 17" Monitor and Printer. $5950.   


Monitor Flat screen Touch screen 17 inch. Compatible new $985 plus shipping. 


Computer that is included with compatible upgrade system above.


Printer Laser - Compatible with kin com New $395 plus shipping.


 Work tools for kin com 125AP and 125MP only


Wiring Harness for KC125E+ 55405       

Load Cell Knob      

Load Cell Cable  

Patient Abort Cable    



Gear update for KC125E+ head tilt    Greatly reduces slippage of tilt mechanism, replaces cup and cone


Motor assembly, ready to install Call for pricing

Balance option             BalOpt.jpg (84856 bytes)   Call for pricing

EMG dual channel        EMG.jpg (74288 bytes)   Call for pricing

Stand for second monitor Call for pricing

Attachment assortment Call for individual prices

Double Shin Attachment  for 125AP, 125E+, 500H Call for pricing

Lumbar motion monitor Call for pricing

Seat bottom Upholstery cushion for KC125E+ Call for pricing

Made with healthcare grade materials

Side upholstery cushion for KC125E+ Call for pricing

Pad replacement for double shin pad   Call for pricing.

Cervical attachment    As shown, round attachment only, for ALL model ,  Call for pricing.

Arm lock bolt for model E+ model only Call for pricing

Strap Velcro for double shin attachment Call for pricing

Also available is the thigh strap with sewn looped end. Call for pricing

Caster for AP cart Call for pricing

Cable for PMI motor for model 125APG and 125MP

Cable for signal from monitor stand to head base for model 125AP-1 only    2 new changes for this cable. We removed the 2 rubber boots that rips and tears. We also removed the metal coil part that is annoying because it constantly pulls the monitor stand towards the base.

Circuit Board for kin com              

Crating charges for International

Belt - Timing for potentiometer

Gear lock for head assembly

Emg wiring cable

Manual - desk reference

Relay for 500H machine

Attachment -

Proximity switch for 500H model

Locking device for seat slide, AP model only

Load Cell for 125AP  


KC125AP kin com physical therapy rehab        Call for pricing       

KC125E+     Call for pricing        

KC500H   kin com physical therapy rehab     Call for pricing

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