Yes the kin com machines purchased from us has a standard 1 year warranty included with it.

Yes our computer, monitor, and printer upgrades has a warranty included from manufactorer.

Yes we do have 1 year parts and labor extended warranties for ALL existing kin com's.  Animation Collection - Save Button 

 For an estimate, email us at Price is $2950 for US customers.

Extended Warranty for kin com machine 1 year parts and labor. Our coverage period is from 05-01-2012 to 05-01-2013. Service Agreement terms and conditions non-negotiable. This agreement will be in effect until the date specified on the estimate. A dated, signed estimate is an acceptance of the terms and conditions. The service does include general maintenance and repairs to maintain proper working order. The service includes replacement of general maintenance parts as determined necessary for functioning by Isokinetic International. Most parts replaced during service, will be an exchange basis. This service agreement does not include pre-existing conditions prior to date of agreement or as determined by service technician. This agreement does not include lost or stolen items that require replacement. If the kin com owner is tax exempt, it will be their responsibility to provide proof of state exemption by fax certificate. It is the responsibility of the customer to contact us 30 days prior to expiration of service agreement for any changes made to service policies and charges. Exclusions: Repair, service and parts needed to kin com machine due to relocation of machine. Repair, service and parts needed to kin com machine due to new ownership. This transfer of property voids service contract. Repair, service and parts not furnished by Isokinetic International. Repair, service and parts of damage incurred by misuse, accidental damage or disaster (natural or human) Repair, service and parts to the kin com machine, but not limited to correct electrical power sources, suitable environment such as being able to have total access to the machine.



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